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About Us

Along with our own skill sets and background in IT data security, collaborative arts, creative design and development, we work with a hand picked selection of artists ranging from Fine Art Illustrators to Film Composers ensuring our clients receive the benefit of high calibre input to their design requirements.

Derek Houghton and Audicia Lynne Morley

Derek Houghton. Director.

Data Architect, Web Designer, Application Developer.
Photographer, Composer, Musician.

  • Co-founder of Third Stream Contemporary Music Quartet - Rachaka
  • Co-founder of State Theta - Collaborative Arts Performance Company

Audicia Lynne Morley. Director.

Artist, Choreographer, Dancer, Planetary Dance Facilitator

We are in a rural setting, close to Edinburgh and within easy access of the International Airport and public transport.

This is a wonderful venue outside the city in which to enjoy the Arts.